Things have been hopping at Manzama following the company’s $1.3 million fund raise last summer. In the past six months, the software company has hired 10 people in marketing, product, sales and tech positions.

All but two of those were in Bend, reports Jessica Crouch, Manzama’s strategic projects director.

The company’s cloud-based software helps law firms and other clients filter through the barrage of online information and developments about key topics to find what’s relevant to them. An anchor tenant of Bend’s growing tech scene, Manzama was the 2010 BVC winner. The company has raised a total of $3.25 million.

In addition to adding to its ranks, Manzama has also been helping out around town. Manzamers (Is that a word? I like it.) spend one Saturday each month volunteering at the Family Kitchen in Bend.

Manzama staff volunteerin' at Family Kitchen.
Manzama staff volunteerin’ at Family Kitchen.

And finally, as if you don’t already want to work there, Manzama has launched a friendly competition with G5 that began with kickball last fall and has moved into quiz battles, the most recent being last Friday. Who won? Let us know.

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