During the Thanksgiving holiday, we had a little contest, a battle of the brains if you will, to see who really, really knows about Bend startups. We posted this quiz. And people submitted their answers in hopes of winning a prize package that included: their picture on this very blog, a coffee card AND one hug from yours truly.

Now’s time to meet the lucky winners. First up, is Laura Sligh, client manager with LeadMethod, a Bend-based SaaS company that provides a lead management platform for industrial manufacturers that sell through distribution.

Laura got all 10 questions right.

A little bit about Laura: She moved to Bend from Tacoma, she loves Doctor Who and has a Tardis coffee mug, earrings and a Tardis Yahtzee dice shaker. “But it would be really great to have my own life-sized Tardis,” she says. Here is her face when she learned she won.

Laura Sligh's best day ever.
Laura Sligh’s best day ever.

Our runner-up was Rebecca Lindsay. She currently works as a client account manager with Transcription Hub. Originally from Seattle, she’s a University of Washington alum and Huskies fan. Rebecca is also on the legislative team of the Central Oregon branch of Oregonians Against Human Trafficking, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting women and children from human trafficking.

Rebecca on her second best day ever.
Rebecca with Smokey You Know Who.

And now because I know you’ve been waiting on pins and needles, here are the quiz answers.

1. Which startup founder also worked on the Terminator movies before moving to Bend? Scott Warner, founder of Ubimodo

A movie set memento.
A movie set memento.

2. When did Cairn founder Rob Little start his company? March 2014

3. What social networking site does The Handsel plan to integrate with? Facebook

4. What startup founder was also the OSU mascot? James Erikson, founder of Stridebox

5. How many companies has Kent Schnepp, founder of OdySys, started? 4

6. What vertical market does Agency Revolution target? Property and casualty insurance agents and brokers

7. What startup has portraits of sci-fi marmots decorating their office? Smartwaiver


8. What company also employs a cardboard Yoda? Amplion

Here's Yoda. Just doling out the wisdom.
Here’s Yoda. Just doling out the wisdom.

9. What kind of vegetables does Volcano Veggies grow? Organic lettuces and herbs.

Lettuce growing on the walls of the garden module Jim Sbarra designed.
Lettuce growing on the walls of the garden module Jim Sbarra designed.

10. What market did The Flybook initially target before it expanded to the broader outdoor rec industry? Fly fishing guides

Stay tuned for more #50startups this week.