Nacho Cove recently announced that it raised $1 million in seed funding from angel investors. The startup (one of our #50startups) provides a mobile email client — Nacho Mail — that integrates email, calendar and contacts, and adapts to its users needs through its AI management tool.

The company launched its beta product in July. According to its news release, Nacho Mail has already been adopted by several companies, including tech security company SafeLogic. The company plans to use the seed funding for product development and continued growth.

From Nacho Cove:

According to a recent study by Entrepreneur magazine focusing on leaders of fortune 500 companies, email overload is a burden at all levels of an enterprise, with CEOs spending more than a quarter of their day dealing with emails. This problem is not limited to the leadership. A 2012 study by McKinsey Global Institute revealed that knowledge workers also spend more than a quarter of the day reading and answering email. The average daily number of emails increased from 70 in 1998 to greater than 150 in 2012. Overflowing inboxes are leading to higher levels of inefficiency and miscommunication at all levels of an enterprise.

Nacho Mail eliminates email inefficiency by intelligently organizing all communication and action items in order to optimize productivity. The product acts as an assistant that sorts through all emails that are sent and received everyday. It then prioritizes these emails and actions in a user’s “Hot-List” to ensure that important messages do not get overlooked or forgotten, and that important chains of communication are preserved. Nacho Mail also empowers employees to be 100% productive while on their smartphones through its suite of mobile features, which includes tight integration between email and calendar.

Chris Perret, co-founder and CEO of Nacho Cove, has been in Bend since 2012, though Nacho Cove is officially headquartered in Portland. Perret started Nacho Cove with Jeff Enderwick. The pair previously founded Nukona, the first complete Enterprise Mobile Management solution, which was subsequently purchased by Symantec.

Kelly Kearsley

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