With the holidays fast approaching, you may find yourself out shopping for presents. Or maybe you’re already done. In which case, we hate you. Just kidding. For those us still in the throes of holiday shopping, consider gifting some of these fun products from local Bend startups:

  • Granola from Birdseed Food Company. Do you have a health conscious friend in your life? Someone with celiac? Or someone who simply appreciates great food? Put together an array of treats that includes granola from Bend-based Birdseed Food Company. Found Ashley Chase started the company after being diagnosed with celiac and looking for granola that was not only gluten-free, but sugar-free as well. Not finding any, she created some–and the result is a crunchy kasha-based granola that people rave about.

    Photo credit: Birdseed Food Company
  • Bedphones from DubsLabs. If your special someone likes listening to music or even white noise while he or she falls asleep, then Bedphones are the perfect present. Founder Eric Dubs invented these over-ear headphones, which allow people to drift off to their favorite sounds without the discomfort of an earbud stabbing into their ear. Cool feature: They power off on their own. Another idea? The VersaFit headphones, also by DubsLabs, applies to the same concept to a pair of headphones designed for working out. That way you can hear what’s around you while you bike, ski or run and still enjoy your tunes.

    Photo credit: DubsLabs
  • A water bottle from Hydaway. My kids are obsessed with Hydaway water bottles, which collapse down into a little disc that you can throw into your backpack or suitcase. They make a great gift for the frequent traveler, sports enthusiast or general human being who needs water to live. Founder Niki Singlaub started the company in Bend in 2014, and you can now find Hydaway bottles in retail locations in town—and of course, online.

    Photo credit: Hydaway
  • A hammock from Wildish. If you happened to catch the pitch by the founders of Wildish at the Bend Venture Conference, then you know that this Bend startup is aiming to take the “outdoorsy” market by storm. If you have an outdoorsy friend or relative, then Wildish’s M.C. Hammie – a combination hammock, picnic blanket and shelter – would be a great gift. Looking for something smaller? Then check out their Wildish branded apparel.

    Photo credit: Wildish
  • Vegan lipstick from Axiology. Perfect for the fashionista in your life, the lipstick from Bend-based startup Axiology is all luxury: Super silky feel, beautiful colors and a standout gold tube. It’s also 100% vegan, which is a rarity in a makeup market that uses a lot of animal products. Founder Ericka Rodgriguez had a big year this year, as her lipsticks launched into Sephora stores, You can find them in local shops as well as online.

    Photo credit: Axiology
  • A Kidrunner jogging stroller. You know what sucks about pushing a jogging stroller? Everything. Your arms get all wonky. Your stride gets screwed up. And if you’re like me, you accidentally dump your kid out every so often because the front wheel accidentally turns. Kidrunner has solved all these problems and more with its hands-free, pull-behind-you jogging stroller, which launched for sale just this past fall. Max King, local professional runner, put his toddler-aged daughter in one and then proceeded to hammer out 5-minute miles. You don’t have to run that fast. Would be a great gift for the new parent in your life or your spouse. Or yourself.

    Photo credit: Kidrunner
  • Organic condiments from Red Duck Foods. Technically, Red Duck Foods is based in Portland, but we’re partial to this ketchup-and-more company because co-founder Karen Bonner lives and works in Bend. Check out their range of unique ketchups. I love the Smoky one. They also just completed a successful Kickstarter for a line of taco sauces, which will be available this spring.
  • Photo products for PixyPics. There’s something cool about printing your favorite photo onto a piece of wood, metal or even a pillow. It’s instant, personalized art. What’s better: Buying that art from a Bend-based company that donates a portion of its proceeds to good causes. Check out the range of products PixyPics, which launched earlier this year, has to offer.

    Photo credit: PixyPics
  • Skincare products from Zealios. This Bend startup specializes in sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and more for endurance athletes. They’re becoming especially popular with triathletes, and count local athletes Heather Jackson and Jesse Thomas among their brand ambassadors. A good stocking stuffer or more for the athlete in your own life.
Photo credit: Zealios


This is undoubtedly a sample of the products available from Bend startups. If you have additional ideas for great gifts from local startups, leave them in the comments. Happy Holidays!

Kelly Kearsley

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