Eleven out of 10 people agree that hot sauce typically makes everything better. But what could make your hot sauce better? What if it was an new take on taco sauce (for instance, Korean taco sauce anyone?) that was also organic and made in Oregon?

If that gets your mouth watering then you need to check out Red Duck Foods latest Kickstarter. The Portland-based condiment company–with a Bend connection–is aiming to raise $15,000 on the crowdfunding site to help launch its trio of taco sauces.

Red Duck Foods grew out of an MBA project that the founders did at University of Oregon. The three-woman team wanted to reinvent ketchup into something different.  They launched in 2013 with three unique ketchups–curry, smoky and spicy. Back to the Central Oregon connection: One of the founders is Karen Bonner, a Bendite, BendTECH member and an advisory board member of the Central Oregon Food Cluster.

What you taco’n about?

Speaking of that, the food cluster is hosting a meet and greet this Monday at Buzztag Swag Agency. If you’re interested in meeting food entrepreneurs, check it out.

According to the Portland Business Journal, Red Duck Foods has sold nearly 30,000 cases of its products this year. Red Duck condiments are in 2,300 grocery stores around the country. In addition to ketchup, the company sells cocktail and barbecue sauce and–as you can surmise from the Kickstarter–coming soon, taco sauce.

Here’s a bit of their crowdfunding pitch:

When we launched our organic condiment company as graduate students at the University of Oregon, we asked you: When was the last time YOU were excited about ketchup? Three-plus years as a successful food startup later, we’re launching something new — but we don’t think we need to ask you whether you’re excited about tacos.

We’ve created a new line of Taco Sauces, using the same approach that caught your attention: real, organic ingredients, bringing unique and surprising twists to familiar favorites.

And the fact is, everyone does seem deeply excited about tacos lately. Check out the campaign and if you’re ever at BendTECH, say hello to Karen. She’s the one with ketchup bottles on her desk