I’ve been wanting to learn more about Kevin Hoffman’s startup, Vector Remote Care, since he moved into BendTECH a few months ago, and I recently had the chance. As it turns out, Kevin comes to Oregon from Los Angeles, and brought his company with him. Even better: He actually started his company so that could move here—but more on that in a minute.

Kevin Hoffman, founder of Vector Remote Care.

Kevin spent the first part of his career in medical device sales, selling implanted cardiac devices. As you’re probably aware, these devices wirelessly record all sorts of info that doctors want to see. But as Kevin realized, clinics needed to contact each individual manufacturer to get ahold of the patient reports.

“There’s five manufacturers for these devices and there’s five portals that you might have to checking on a daily basis,” Kevin says. Vector Remote Care solves that problem, offering clinics one platform where they can access all their patient device information.

Vital information

Kevin thought of Vector Remote Care while on a mountain bike ride in Bend. “I wanted to find a way to build a company that would let me live here,” he says. That was in 2014, and information overload he was seeing at the medical clinic was very real. Most clinics were attempting to collect the device reports manually—and it was such a hassle that many opted not to do so at all.

Mountain biking!

Yet doing so turns out to be vitally important. Patients whose doctors regularly reviewed their device reports saw a significant decrease in time to diagnosis as well as to treatment. So finding ways to get that information easier and faster helps patients, saves doctors time and insurance companies money. That’s a rare triple win.

Kevin started a side project in 2014, offering monitoring service as add-on to help his local device sales customers. Then the issue gained even more urgency in 2015. Recognizing the health benefits of regularly monitoring patients’ devices, the CMS made device monitoring a Class 1A recommendation. Kevin says that meant that clinics needed to do so or could potentially be held liable if something went wrong.

Ready to grow

By January of this year, Kevin saw that his side project had more potential. He quit his sales job, moved his family to Bend and expanded his original idea into what is now Vector Remote Care. His software product pulls in the device info from each of the manufacturers’ pages into one platform. Vector Remote Care staff also help train patients on how to set up their devices for monitoring.

Because most of the patients are on Medicare, Kevin’s company bills the CMS directly, meaning there’s no startup costs for the clinics that Vector Remote Care serves.

“We make our physician customers money by ensuring their patients are compliant with their remote transmission schedules, we automate billing reports, and we free their clinical staff from the time consuming task of remote monitoring,” Kevin says.

The company already has 15 clients and 4 employees. But Kevin notes that this is just the start. He’s focused on automating as much of the monitoring and reporting process as possible, and plans to hit the road soon to do what he does best—sell.

“We’d like to get to 10,000 patients monitored,” he says. “That would be a number that would let me grow my staff, and give it enough scale that we could also do some data mining.” He adds that in the future, Vector Remote Care could also serve as a platform for other monitoring devices. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Kevin at [email protected] or call the company at 877-293-1472.

In the meantime, we’re glad he’s here in Bend. Welcome and and we’re excited to see you grow.

Kelly Kearsley

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Kelly Kearsley