Onboard Dynamics has tapped five automotive and energy industry veterans for its advisory board, which the company says will help guide its efforts to commercialize its natural gas fueling technology.

The Bend-based startup (one of our #50startups in fact) has developed a technology that provides for natural gas compression on board your vehicle, basically allowing you to refuel anywhere there’s a low-pressure natural gas line. The company is working to bring the technology to market next year, focusing first on small commercial fleets.

Their newly formed advisory board includes entrepreneurs with experience in alternative energy and the automotive field, the technical founder of the Vehicle Refueling Appliance industry, and a former GM executive.

“We are pleased that these industry leaders have agreed to join our team in bringing this gamechanging technology to market,” said Rita Hansen, CEO of Onboard Dynamics. “Their vast knowledge and experience will help our company realize the promise of powering many of our country’s vehicles with clean, abundant, domestic natural gas.”

Meet the board:

  • Jeff English CEO of Grey Forest Utilities in San Antonio, has over 34 years of experience in natural gas distribution, operations, construction management, marketing/sales, and development of compressor stations for fleets. Mr. English has worked both domestically and internationally as a senior-level utility operations expert and is a past president of the American Public Gas Association (APGA).
  • Maurice Gunderson is a venture capitalist with a successful track record of building and creating new energy technology companies, including multiple internal combustion engine-based technology startups. Mr. Gunderson is the Managing Director of Earth Energy Ventures, Chairman of the Board for Contour Energy Systems, and founder of Nth Power venture capital firm. Prior to founding Nth Power, Mr. Gunderson had numerous previous business and investment interests, as well as a successful engineering career in the aerospace and energy sectors.
  • Dick Kauling is currently the Principle of KauliNG Solutions, a consulting company he founded following his recent retirement from a 33-year career at General Motors. During his time at GM, Dick actively worked on and supported global compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) applications in several roles. Notably, he was responsible for overall design and engineering execution for all North American CNG and LPG programs for vehicles sold between 1997 and 2006.
  • Dr. Patric Ouellette is currently the Chief Technology Officer of Westport Innovations. While earning his PhD at the University of British Columbia, Dr. Ouellette was part of the team that developed the advanced natural gas engine technologies that led to the foundation of Westport, which is a global leader in alternative fuel/low-emissions engine technologies for clean-burning fuels such as CNG. At Westport, Dr. Ouellette is both leading engineering teams in technology development and creating strategic partnerships globally with OEMs, manufakcturers, and research institutes.
  • Ralph Rackham enjoyed a 25-year career in the VRA (Vehicle Refueling Appliance) Market, most recently as Executive Vice President of Operations and Engineering with FuelMaker Corporation of Toronto, Ontario (now BRC FuelMaker). Considered the technical “founder” of the VRA industry beginning in 1986, Ralph worked with Sulzer Corporation of Switzerland to develop a state of the art VRA. He helped spin off FuelMaker Corporation where he focused on the development and commercialization of VRAs and home refueling appliances (HRAs).