Tech Soft 3D has officially named Bend its headquarters. Founded in 1996, the company has had a Bend office for nearly 10 years, but always called Berkeley home. However, the growth of Bend’s tech community and improvement of resources in the region convinced CEO Ron Fritz to transition the Tech Soft 3D’s headquarters here.

“We kept our original Berkeley office as headquarters for years, but over time we realized that so much of what we needed is right here,” Fritz says. “Not only is the quality of life tremendous, but so is the talent pool as Bend evolves into a thriving hub for high tech.”

Tech Soft 3D employs more than 80 people in five offices, which in addition to Berkeley and Bend, includes locations in Cincinnati, Japan, France and the U.K. Fritz and co-founder Yanick Fluhmann moved their families from Berkeley to Central Oregon in 2005. As their company grew, they expanded sales, marketing and other operations in Bend, and in 2012, the company purchased the office building the occupied on Chandler and expanded into the downstairs offices.

Tech Soft 3D provides software development tools and 3D PDF solutions for the engineering industry. The company’s toolkit products power about 500 unique applications running on hundreds of millions of computers worldwide, according to a Tech Soft 3D news release.

Bend has long been home to one- or two-person Oregon outposts of California companies or executives from Silicon Valley who call Central Oregon home and commute to the Bay Area. In fact, Fritz had a funny anecdote about scheduling a meeting with another tech executive in California, only to discover that they both lived here.

However, times are a changing — and fast. Though the Tech Soft 3D announcement doesn’t represent a material increase in the number of Central Oregon Tech Soft jobs (at least not at the moment) it definitely denotes a shifting mindset regarding Central Oregon and the ability for tech companies to not just survive, but thrive, outside of the Valley.

In fact, Bend is now home to a handful of Bay Area companies that are either interested in expanding here (Biome Analytics), moving here (Kollective, more on them later), or in the case of Tech Soft 3D, transitioning its headquarters here. For the latter, that means that future hires will likely be based out of Bend — the company is currently hiring for three positions — and over time some jobs from other offices may move here.

More from the Tech Soft 3D news release:

Tech Soft 3D has benefited from the educated, entrepreneurial workforce in Bend, both in strengthening its own team and partnering with local professionals. The company plans to increase its presence in the Bend business community, and recognizes the strong influence Bend has likewise made on its global company culture.

“One of our core values is ‘being fun,’” continues Fritz. “A team outing means skiing or rafting. We hold meetings while on the walking trails by the Deschutes. We bottle our own company beer. Being Bend-based not only provides a great quality of life for our employees here, but has had an impact on our offices around the world. We currently have a company-wide challenge to collect beer coasters and an upcoming 5K challenge. It doesn’t get more Bend than that!”

The only way it could get more Bend is if you issue company puffy jackets (we do love a good puffy). So less of a belated welcome, and more of a glad you’re here and growing to Tech Soft 3D. We look forward to seeing more of you on this very blog. And if you need someone to taste test your company beer, we’re available.

Kelly Kearsley

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Kelly Kearsley