Since we last talked to Hueya in March, founder Lewis Howell has been hard at work. The former VP of IT at G5 has raised $260,000, hired a small team and is steadily rolling out the first features of the startup’s personal privacy scan product.

Hueya (Who-Ya) aims to help people secure their online privacy through proactive and preventive monitoring. In the current version of the product, you connect your social media accounts, Hueya analyzes the size and contents of your digital footprint and hands you a privacy score.

The startup has developed a range of 0 to 500 and the higher your score, the less information you have out there floating around, waiting for yahoos to steal it and use it for some nefarious purpose. (My privacy score fell into At Risk this weekend. But I want it to be Awesome).

My current privacy score. Time to rein in those Facebook posts!

“We’re still baking the product to some degree,” Howell says. The first users are providing feedback on the features, which Hueya will integrate into future versions. Howell is looking toward a full launch within the next six months.

The current product also includes a social snapshot and timeline. These reveal what information is connected you, from your social media posts to your current and past locations. “We’re releasing new features weekly,” Howell says.

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Ultimately, Hueya won’t just inform you that you’re walking around the world of the Internet essentially in your birthday suit, totally exposed and possibly unaware that you’re naked — but the company will also show you how to fix it. Howell is interested in building a SaaS model, with individuals and at some point down the road businesses, signing up for regular monitoring and privacy breach prevention efforts.

And he doesn’t plan on using Hueya user info to garner revenue. “You’re not the product,” Howell says. “Hueya is the product.”

Oh, and what about that investment? Howell says it came from angel investors on both sides of the country. The funds helped him bring on full-time engineer Ryan Palo, as well as Charlie Howell, the company’s director of strategic initiatives.

If you’re interested in trying Hueya out, contact the company. In the meantime, CONSTANT VIGILANCE.*

*Harry Potter fans: You know what I’m saying.

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