KidRunner, one of our #50startups, launched its Kickstarter Wednesday in hopes of raising $50,000 to fund the production of 15 kidRunners for its ambassador team.

What the heck is a kidRunner? It’s a high-performance, all-terrain kid jogger that you pull behind you instead of pushing. That leaves your arms free to move or hold onto to your dog’s leash or eat a sandwich or do whatever you want.


The startup’s ambassador team includes a range of runners from everyday parents to Olympic hopefuls, and is led by Bend’s own Max King. (King won the Bigfoot 10K pulling his daughter in a kidRunner, running a 5:22 per mile pace).

Backers of the kidRunner Kickstarter will receive rewards ranging from a pro running tips courtesy of the ambassador team to kidRunner gear to a two-day running camp with King himself.


Bendite Will Warne founded kidRunner in 2011 while looking for a way to run more comfortably with his young daughter. The company has gained some nice momentum in the past year, partnering with Bend-based Composite Approach to produce the kidRunner, signing up its ambassador team and introducing the Footzone as its first retail partner. Kidrunner also has three patents and one pending on its pull-style stroller.

Their Kickstarter runs through May 29th. It’s been a Kickstarter kind of week here on the blog.Our most recent #50startups, Hydaway Bottles, is also in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign.

Kelly Kearsley

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