For the past 18 months, the team at Shape has been all about the hustle. Co-founder and CEO Jon Davis notes that since they received seed funding in July 2015, the company has hired several people, rapidly expanded its product, rebranded under a new name that better reflects the company’s mission, reconfigured its pricing, explored new potential markets and spent about fifty thousand hours trying to find office space. (At a later date, we need to discuss the lease requirements that make it very challenging for startups to find office space).

That sounds like a lot of stuff. Unless you work at a startup. Then it sounds like Tuesday. Jon notes that there’s more growth and changes coming soon. A G5 alum and veteran pay per click consultant, Jon started Shape as an app to help PPC analysts better manage their PPC budgets. Now the Shape platform does that and much more, including:

  • Saving analysts time through intelligent automation and integration
  • Facilitating collaboration between analysts
  • Bridging communication and data gaps across departments
  • Providing an open toolkit agencies can use to solve specific needs

They were recently touted as the Heinz Marketing Blog’s app of the week. Jon notes that over the course of the year, they’ve both narrowed their customer focus to marketing teams versus consultants, and broadened their potential clients with features designed for teams. Drawing on his G5 background, Shape has found success with digital marketing teams handling large amounts of data.

“Now we’re able starting to exploring broader types of customers,” Jon says. “We also realized we needed to adjust our pricing model. Since our platform is now a better fit for teams we dropped all pricing under $299/month to focus on selling more up market. ”

The company has customers around the world and right here in Bend, with G5’s own PPC analysts relying on the software tool. For this year, the team is driving toward profitability. “We’re focused on getting back to to cash flow positive as soon as possible after investing in more talent and a new space,” he says.

Shape has a team of seven, including a recently hired inbound marketing director. The startup is currently looking for a senior developer to round out its development team, which currently includes two devs and CTO Dominic Albano.

The company plans to move offices (they’re currently downtown and would like to stay there) within the next six months—an endeavor that Jon notes is more challenging than it seems. “It’s been like having another part-time job,” he says. The latter is due largely to several years long lease requirements, which few startups can take on as a liability. There’s a business opportunity here, people.

As for Shape, between their plans for hiring and customer expansion, expect to see more of this company in the coming months.

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Kelly Kearsley

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