The Technology Association of Oregon is launching its Diversity & Leadership Series next week. The series to help employers, business leaders, startups and students understand the actions they can take to create diverse and inclusive business places. The impressive series of 10 workshops starts on Tuesday, March 27 with a seminar on Unconscious Biases, Stereotype Threat and Microaggressions. You can attend classes one by one (they’re $20 to $40 a session) or register for the whole series–the courses are open to the public.

Each two-hour workshop “tackles the latest issues companies are facing today. Each session will cover 30 minutes learning, 30 minutes hands-on activities to jumpstart your organizations’ tactical action plans to integrate into your company’s success and 30 minutes discussion with your peers around challenges and opportunities in deploying these tactics. Of course, in Bend style it’s not all work, we will also provide 30 minutes of networking drinks and snacks.”

Here is the full schedule. Check it out!

  • March 27: Unconscious Biases, Stereotype Threat, and Microaggressions: Learn the research and understand how to implement strategies in your organization to combat these and help your employees, projects, and organization thrive.
  • May 22: Mentoring versus Advocacy & Male Advocacy.  Learn the difference; understand the importance of both roles in your organization and resources and skills needed to be a successful mentor and advocate. Building Male Advocates in your organization: Use these tips to identify likely male advocates.
  • Sept 25Recruiting, Retaining, and Advancing a Diverse Workforce: Learn data collection and strategic planning guidelines to develop a diverse workforce. Understand the importance of writing unbiased results-oriented job descriptions,  and develop a strategic plan for increasing meaningful participation.
  • Nov 27: Performance Review/Talent Management provides supervisors with resources for reducing biases in performance evaluation and talent management systems. We’ll discuss tip sheets, resources for identifying and reducing biases, templates, evaluation tools, key takeaways, and background information on creating commitment setting, succession planning, growing loyalty, and productivity.


  • Jan 22: Tips and tricks for building a Successful Inclusive Start-up. Learn how to utilize a collection of resources and recommendations to help small and growing companies with talent, learn how to create inclusive cultures, recruit and retain diverse employees, and build diverse teams.
  • Mar 26: Supervising Success: Even if your organization already has a formal training program for supervisors, use NCWIT’s Supervising-in-a-Box to create highly productive teams that reduce employee turnover, capitalize on diverse innovative thinking, and ultimately strengthen their bottom lines.
  • May 21:  Using Growth Mindset & Employee Development: Effective feedback gives employees information they can realistically use to increase their learning and improve their performance.
  • Sept 24:  Managing Diverse Partnerships– It takes multi-stakeholder partnerships with government, business, non-governmental organizations and community organizations to drive greater results and outcomes.  But each one of these sectors uses different language, practices, and metrics. Learn tools and techniques to build transparency and win-win scenarios to successfully broker partnerships.
  • Oct 22: Become a Self-Aware Transformational Leader– inspire other to excel in challenging times; create a focused, motivated, diverse team; and adapt their personal style to make maximum impact. Learn to become a transformational leader with of Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, and Humility (EACH).
  • Nov 19: New Generations, New Thinking – Harnessing the Power of Demographic Change to Transform Diversity and Inclusion. Learn to address generational issues in the workplace and how the shift in generations also involves a fundamental new attitude to diversity.

Kelly Kearsley

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Kelly Kearsley