Know a woman with an amazing story, an inspirational mission or an unwavering commitment to making Central Oregon a better place? The TedxBendWomen’s Salon is now taking nominations for speakers for its May 30th event. TedxBendWomen aims to highlight women who want to make a difference in their local and global communities.

From the news release:

We believe that women are change agents, inventors, leaders, and idea champions. Our discussions will range from Central Oregon to the developing world to the developed world, where generations of women are transforming their own lives and the communities in which they live. Speakers will represent a diverse pool of women, from a variety of backgrounds, and from all communities and walks of life in Central Oregon. We would like to highlight the women in our community and share their experiences with the world.

Suggested speakers can also be artists, poets and musicians. Please feel free to suggest yourself or someone you know. The nomination period will close on April 15th at midnight.

The event is co-chaired by Rane Johnson and Moe Carrick, ,who are working with Bruce Emerson. They’ve partnered with Central Oregon Community College and the event will be held at the Redmond COCC Tech Center, near the Redmond Airport.


Kelly Kearsley

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Kelly Kearsley