The Tech Alliance of Central Oregon, the nonprofit charged with developing and supporting Bend’s early-stage entrepreneurial ecosystem, has rebranded as Bend Technology Entrepreneurial and Coworking Hub (BendTECH). The name matches the noprofit’s flagship coworking space, BendTECH, and better reflects its mission.

“There’s a real need for support, resources, connection and events that help entrepreneurs go from idea to launch,” says BendTECH board president Taylor Mahony. “We wanted to deepen our focus and efforts in those areas, which seamlessly dovetail with our coworking initiative.”

Full disclosure: As a member of the BendTECH board and the coworking community, I find this news particularly exciting. At the least, it eliminates confusion around who/what the organization does. BUT beyond a name change, the BendTECH organization is now dedicated — and fired up about — being a resource for budding entrepreneurs via events, information, connections and flexible, affordable work space.

From the news release:

The nonprofit BendTECH coworking space opened in February 2015 inside the 1001 Tech Center. The space is currently home to 27 individual workers, many whom are self-employed or working remotely, as well as nearly two dozen startups, tech companies and related agencies offering digital marketing, creative services and consulting.

“The space has offered early stage entrepreneurs affordable office space – a vital component of any startup ecosystem — and the opportunity to make easy connections with other professionals who can help further their business,” Mahony says. BendTECH counts several tech companies and growing startups among its alumni including, GolfboardCodePen and Craft CMS.

Eric Dubs, founder and CEO of DubsLabs, says the coworking space has proved invaluable to the growth of his startup. DubsLabs is a product development firm responsible for creating Bedphones and Versafit Wireless Sports Headphones.

“The tech community at BendTECH is so strong that it’s enabled us to grow faster than we would have if we had been in a standalone office,” Dubs says.

In addition to growing and improving the BendTECH coworking space, the refocused nonprofit will also:

  • Coordinate hackathons and a regular mini-pitchfests to help founders focus their message.
  • Continue to organize and broaden the unConference, the early-stage pitchfest that occurs prior to the Bend Venture Conference.
  • Facilitate an annual Startup Resource Fair, which introduces entrepreneurs to all the local resources and services they need to start their business.
  • Offer additional events, resources, support and connections for first-time as well as veteran entrepreneurs looking to start businesses in Central Oregon.
  • Work collaboratively with EDCO, the Tech Association of Oregon and other industry clusters.
  • Supporting the founding of new coworking partnerships, including in the formation of a space in Redmond.

BendBroadband is currently a key sponsor of several upcoming BendTECH events. For more information on BendTECH, please contact:

Taylor Mahony
BendTECH President
[email protected]

Lastly, BendTECH has some great events coming up including a few Hackathons, a Startup Resource Fair, continuing to support Tech Talks and more. Stay tuned — and stay motivated 🙂

Kelly Kearsley

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Kelly Kearsley