Next week’s TAO Tech Talk will feature a presentation on Industry 4.0 from two of the founders of Robert Kieffer, the company’s CTO, and James Gentes, Tend’s Chief Product Officer (and co-founder of StartupBend) plan to discus the incoming wave of automation and how Tend is creating an OS to power the next generation of robots.

Pretty cool stuff. We’ll be there. You should too. The event is scheduled from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 9 at Thump Coffee inside of the Tech Center. Register before you go.

This is not Industry 4.0, but it is a robot dance party.

Here’s a bit more about Robert and James:


As CTO, Robert is tasked with weaving together the worlds of robotic automation, cloud infrastructure, and modern web development.  His career spans three decades as software engineer and architect in aerospace, academia, and the private sector.  Tend is Robert’s fifth startup (fourth as cofounder), with previous startups resulting in acquisitions by Sun Microsystems, AOL, and most recently, Facebook.


James is our product champion responsible for delivering software that our customers love. With nearly 20 years in product management at enterprise software companies and the acquisition of his previous startup in 2015, James brings a wealth of experience to Tend as product leader and head of front-end development.

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