As we looked back over the year to discover which posts garnered the most readers, we also got a pretty solid overview of the activity in Bend’s startup community. The upshot: There was a lot of it. Businesses started, startups got funded, companies hired, companies relocated here, coworking spaces opened. And then there was the post that featured Justin Timberlake, which is, of course, the secret to making people read your blog.

Thanks for a fantastic 2015! So far this next year is proving to be even more action-packed. For our part, StartupBend plans on hosting some exciting events and providing even more stories about what’s happening in this lovely place we call home.

Here are the top 10 most read posts of 2015 …

1. #50startups: Former Dice Exec Founds Whurk to Connect College Kids and Brands
This post is actually from late 2014. But it zoomed to the top of our most read list in 2015 and has stayed there ever since. People are certainly interested in whurk. The startup now has a presence on 3,000-plus college campuses and is working with local and national brands. We’ll keep you posted on their progress.

Hydro Flask 1-Pager (FINAL)-4

2. Cairn Gets New Brand Expert, Nears New Digs
This is the not so little subscription box company that could. Founder Rob Little had a big year, adding staff and growing his subscriber base.

3. Navis Hiring for 25 Tech/Dev Positions
Navis’ new CTO was on a hiring spree. The software company’s recruiters have found people from all over the country, and Navis announced big plans to expand into new products and new markets.

4. Why Kollective Chose to Expand in Bend Over Silicon Valley
CEO Dan Vetras moved a bunch of his Bay Area staff here. We’re glad they did. Kollective has proved a solid addition to Bend’s tech community — and btw they’re hiring.

The Kollective team.
The Kollective team.

5. Agency Rev is Hiring; Odysys Hired Again
The latter launched its hotel marketing software product this year, expanded its staff and then won BVC. No biggie. The first also hired and experimented with remote offices and dispersed teams.

Odysys getting a real big check.
Odysys getting a real big check.

6. Skills that Pay Bills: New BendPoly Debuts Practical Digital Marketing Program
Bruce Cleveland recently wrote about the success of BendPoly’s inaugural course. They’re ramping up for more in 2016.

7. First Look: BendTECH’s New Coworking Space Now Open
Near and dear to our hearts, our friends at BendTECH opened their coworking space, began filling up desks and curating a tech and startup community hub for Bend.

Tech anyone? Coworking at BendTECH.
Tech anyone? Coworking at BendTECH.

8. #50startups: KidRunner Sprints Toward Summer Launch
KidRunner began taking pre-orders in September. Look for more people to running hands-free (and with kids).

9. Cascade Angels Invests $100,000 in LeadMethod
A local angel fund investing in a Bend startup. Does that warm your heart? The $100k investment was part of $400,000 LeadMethod raised in 2015.

LeadMethod CEO Justin Johnson; Garret Wales, co-founder of 10 Barrel and Cascade Angels investor; and Julie Harrelson, CEO Harrelson Group and Cascade Angels fund manager.
LeadMethod CEO Justin Johnson; Garret Wales, co-founder of 10 Barrel and Cascade Angels investor; and Julie Harrelson, CEO Harrelson Group and Cascade Angels fund manager.

10. BendTECH Prepares for Grand Opening
Before the coworking space opened … people got ready for it to open.

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