If you’ve been looking to build your own company, why not take over one that’s already successful?


I’m working on another VC-backed startup, so I’m offering my previous startup to an aspiring entrepreneur.

StartupCommunity connects entrepreneurs with mentors, investors, and other founders. It’s used by economic development organizations, investment groups, and academic institutions. The platform is often embedded in websites as a resource to search for people in the community based on skill or experience.

The platform is built with Angular and NodeJS with a noSQL backend, hosted on Heroku. If you’ve got the skills to maintain this stack, then this opportunity is for you.

With multiple cities on board and a fair number of daily active users, this is an active business ready to take off.

A few active communities include:
https://startupcommunity.org/bend-or (of course!)

Stable of Experts

Startup Spokane
Shasta EDC

If you’re interested, please get in touch! My email is [email protected]

James Gentes

CEO at Tend.ai
James is a huge fan of Bend's startup scene. He is responsible for creating the BendTech coworking space at 1001 SW Emkay during his many years as board member and president of the Tech Alliance of Central Oregon.

He loves to write code, is passionate about design, and runs StartupCommunity.org as a side hobby. He sold his previous company that he started in Bend, 'The Social Business' to Innovation Garden in New York.

You can reach James by email at [email protected].