Do you love contests? Do you love #winning? Do you really, really want to go to Bend Venture Conference? Then it might just be your lucky day.

Our friends at Cascade Angels, a regional angel fund located right here in Bend, have decided to give away one ticket to the upcoming Bend Venture Conference in the best possible way: With a little competition. Now IMHO, the best competitions tend to involve beer and running. But Cascade Angels wanted to do something a little more creative and potentially less injury inducing.

So how do you play? It’s easy. Simply email me — [email protected] — a very short explanation of why you should win this ticket. Keep it at 100 words or less. Get creative. Get real. And get going. Send your entry in by Tuesday, Sept. 19.

We’ll gather them up and send them over to the Cascade Angels for review and the verdict. The winning winner receives:

— 1 Ticket to BVC (value: $299)

— 1 #julieselfie with Cascade Angels Fund Manager Julie Harrelson at the conference plus a post about them on this very blog.

— A high-five from the entire staff of StartupBend. Get your hand ready, because that’s a lot.

Time to bring your A-game friends. Excited to see what you got. Send it over.


Kelly Kearsley

Kelly Kearsley, the co-founder of, is passionate about startups, entrepreneurship and Bend. In addition to writing this blog, she creates content and manages content projects for global financial companies, tech firms and startups. She began her career as a newspaper journalist and later worked as a freelance writer. Her work has appeared in, Money Magazine, CNNMoney, MSNBC and Runner's World. See her work at or

You can reach Kelly by email at [email protected].
Kelly Kearsley