The third week of October may seem far enough away – especially as we’re still wearing flip flops and remembering the fun of summer. But such is the nature of time, it keeps on moving and here we are thinking about Bend Venture Conference.

Cascade Angels has graciously decided to host another BVC ticket giveaway this year via the Startup Bend blog. Last year’s contest generated a host of awesome entries and provided additional access to the conference for people that really wanted to be there.

“The BVC is a unique event in a unique place; it’s a great entry point for entrepreneurs, investors and others interested in getting involved in Bend’s startup community,” Cascade Angels Co-Fund Manager Robert Pease says. “We see the ticket giveaway as a way to facilitate more connections, and give another person the opportunity to understand more of what’s happening here and all the entrepreneurial resources available.”

It’s also a chance to ask some cool people some fun questions. Which brings me to how this contest is going to work. Here is the plan:

  • Provide brief (50 words or less) answers to the three questions below. Remember there are no right answers. Be real. Be creative. Be yourself. The questions are:
  1. Why should you win a ticket to the BVC?
  2. How/why did you become interested in Bend?
  3. What was your very first job?
  • Email your answers to [email protected] by Sept. 24.
  • The Cascade Angels team will review and we’ll announce the winner that week.

Your prize – as mentioned – is a free ticket to the Bend Venture Conference, courtesy of Cascade Angels. What’s that mean? Well, first off you save $329, which is how much BVC tickets cost. Second, you get access to the seminars, the Social Impact conference, the Thursday night networking event and the entire conference Friday. It’s an inspiring, action-packed, fun-filled two days that will leave you flush with new contacts, new ideas and – IMHO – a good appreciation for how our little corner of the world aims to support and grow ideas, founders and companies. It’s good stuff.

Questions? Just ask. Otherwise, send me some answers! Can’t wait to hear from you.

Here are few gifs to get you inspired …

This is you, just getting after those 50-word answers.

This is how excited the contest winners are.


I mean not to overstate it, but …