Meet DohJe, a Gratitude Platform That Helps Patients Thank Caregivers

If you’ve ever had a loved one in the hospital, then you know the overwhelming gratitude you feel toward the doctors and nurses that cared for them. And you may have also experienced the frustration of finding the right way to thank them. Amanda Krantz — a Bay Area startup veteran and new Bend resident — has devised a solution in DohJe, a gratitude platform that provides an easy way to say thanks to health care providers. We recently talked with Krantz about how DohJe (pronounced Doe-Jay) is actually a retention tool, her personal experience that inspired it and … that one time she was a drummer in a touring band. 

#50startups: AirFit Aims to Open First of Many Airport Gyms

The founding team of AirFit has gotten a lot done since presenting as an early stage finalist at the Bend Venture Conference just three months ago. The startup, which aims to operate gyms inside of airports, opened its prototype facility here in Bend, is planning for a first location in New York’s JFK airport and began raising a Series A round of $2 million. We caught up with AirFit’s Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Jenna Dodge recently to learn more about the company, what travelers want from airport gyms and AirFit’s plans for the future.

#50startups: With StartupCommunity, Cities Build and Measure Startup Activity

Our next #50startups founder has been a steady supporter of Bend tech startups for years, from managing one of the first coworking spaces to putting together startup weekends to co-founding this very blog. In the meantime, James Gentes also started — and sold — his own company. And all of his t-shirts say startup on them. Needless to say, he is passionate about the topic.

#50startups: Cooking Competition App FoodFu Adds Cocktails, Plating

As Eating Season — otherwise known as the holidays — rapidly approaches, it seems only fitting that our next #50startups incorporate both food and technology. Lisa and Jim Sipe created the FoodFu cooking competition app after playing their own version of Chopped with their family over Christmas. The app launched in August and now the Sipes are focused on expanding the FoodFu brand with new cocktail and plating apps.