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Biz and Education Leaders Pursuing Entrepreneurship and Innovation High School for Bend

Sometimes the timing for things seems to be just right. That may be the case for a proposed magnet high school in Bend focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, aiming to open in the Fall 2018.

The concept is being developed jointly by Bend business leaders, local nonprofits Looking Forward and Opportunity Knocks, the High Desert Education Service District and the Bend-La Pine School District.

“What we’re excited about is that this is a partnership with our larger business community, and we’re really engaging with them in the design and concept of the school,” Jay Mathisen, deputy superintendent of Bend-La Pine Schools, said this morning.

Back to that timing. Jay says that the district was already in the process of considering how to accommodate its growing student body at the high school level. At the same time, Preston Callicott, Five Talent CEO (and resident community doer) and the folks at Looking Forward (a whole group of doers) had been discussing the potential for an innovation and entrepreneurship-themed high school.

Does Central Oregon Need More Product Managers? Survey Asks Employers Whether Local PM Program Could Help

How do you become a product manager or product marketer? In many cases, it’s via several years of on-the-job learning to master the skills you need for this key position.

However, some business and education leaders in the community are considering creating a product management certificate or degree program to fast track this process, and possibly fill a local talent gap as well. The group includes Cari Baldwin and Bruce Cleveland, the duo behind BendPoly; Yong Bakos, the new OSU-Cascades CS professor; Matt Abrams, with Seven Peaks; and Libby Unger, founder and CEO of Lumineau, a management consulting firm.

This process is just getting started. First, the group wants to know whether Central Oregon employers are in need of product managers. They’re asking companies to take this 10 question survey regarding the demand for the position, interest in product interns and their willingness to support a certificate or a degree program. Filling out the survey will just take five minutes.

Hardware, Patents and More! ESPACE Teams Up w/ COCC, EDCO to Expand Fall Courses

ESPACE Labs has teamed up with a couple Central Oregon institutions in order to bring more electronic hardware learning and general inventor goodness to the masses. Opened just about a year, ESPACE is a local technology incubator focused on advancing the high-tech electronic hardware device industry.

So first up: ESPACE and Central Oregon Community College have partnered to offer five technology-related courses for the fall term. The courses offered are:

  • Introduction to Linux
  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Basic Electronics 101
  • Product Development
  • Raspberry Pi

Interested? You can find more information on COCC’s website and ESPACE’s website. There’s also a host of other hardware and entrepreneurship classes you can take as well.

But wait, there’s more. ESPACE has also partnered with EDCO to offer an all-day patent and product licensing workshop on Monday, Oct. 10th. The workshop is aimed at inventors, product developers and investors. It’s also the same week as the Bend Venture Conference, Venture Out and a host of other entrepreneur-related events. So if you’re in town, might as well make a week of it.

Adventure Code School Debuts Bend Bootcamp; Learn More at Events in Seattle, PDX and Eugene

Do you know what’s a good idea? This: Adventure Code School. Bend web developer Chris Tsongas has created a code school that combines learning to code with all sorts of outdoor adventure and exercise, including rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking and daily yoga.

The school’s first bootcamp begins in Bend this Sept. and runs 12 weeks. From the school’s website:

Start an awesome new career supported by yoga, meditation and amazing outdoor activities. Adventure Code School’s 12-week Full-Stack JavaScript Bootcamp teaches the most in-demand programming skills, plus Yoga for Coders™, meditation enhanced with binaural beat soundtracks, and expert instruction in mountain biking, slacklining, rock climbing and whitewater kayaking!

Free 1-Month Startup Accelerator Starts May 3

Mark and Karl from the OSU Advantage Accelerator program stopped by yesterday to fill us in on their new program now available in Bend.

It’s called ‘Iterate’ and it’s an introduction to problem/solution fit for entrepreneurs who are interested in learning the basics of how to build a product or service that aligns with the problems it is expected to solve. It is the first of 3 available accelerator courses, which are the next steps in the program as companies successfully complete the Iterate curriculum.

Iterate runs for 1 month, and includes four two-hour sessions, running every Tuesday from 4:30 – 6:30pm, so it’s very practical for anyone who’s working full time to participate in. And since there’s no cost, it’s the best deal in town. If you move on to the ‘Accelerator’ program, there are costs, although they are very reasonable and mostly success-based, so you only pay if you reach a certain revenue threshold.

BendPoly Heads to George Fox University for Second Year

BendPoly is taking its program on the road and heading to George Fox University this summer. The second inaugural class of the digital marketing academy will be held on GFU’s campus and is geared toward GFU students.

“GFU was impressed with the program and they approached us to bring it over there for their students this year,” says Cari Baldwin, BendPoly’s chief instructor. “Due to obligations that we have, we decided to let them take over the recruitment and housing so that we could focus on the curriculum.”

BendPoly’s inaugural class was held last summer at the 1001 Tech Center. Baldwin, who is also founder and CEO of digital marketing firm BlueBird Strategies, says the program may be in multiple locations in 2017, including back in Bend.

See ESPACE Labs at Open House Event

Are you an inventor, product developer, entrepreneur, engineer or someone who simply loves creating cool things? Then you may want to check out ESPACE Labs‘ grand opening social event Jan. 29th.

Come to meet and mingle with others involved with creating wonderful new and exciting products.  Admission and refreshments are free. Here are the details:

WHEN:  Friday, Jan. 29 from 6 p.m. 9 p.m.

WHERE:  ESPACE Labs @ The Bridge, 48 Bridgeford Blvd. #180  Bend, Oregon 97702

WHAT: E::SPACE Labs LLC is a technology incubator dedicated to assisting in the development of the electronic and electro-mechanical hardware industry in Central Oregon.

RSVP:  David Robson at [email protected] or 541-241-8801

Learn How to Improve Your Pitch from a BVC Pitch Coach

Your pitch is what spurs investments, turns prospects into clients and helps you recruit the best team. Now you can ensure that it’s top notch. EDCO has teamed up with Diane Allen, one of the pitch coaches for the Bend Venture Conference finalists, to offer Allen’s winning-pitch secrets to all Bend startup founders.

“As a pitch coach, I’ve devised this program to make sure that founders are fully supported to develop their pitch, so that investors get the information they need, and so that no great idea gets left behind,” says Allen, who together with Pam Stevenson, has helped numerous BVC startups improve their pitch.

The  workshop series, Spring Training: Hone Your Pitch to Win the Game, begins in February and runs through April. The four workshops: