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Kollective, LeadMethod & Benefit Elect Hiring Tech Jobs in Bend

Are you finding yourself less than engaged with your work lately? Spending way too much shopping for sandals online instead of being productive? Maybe — just maybe — it’s time for a new J-O-B.

It’s hard to work when you’re a giant bunny. 

The good news is that we have some Bend companies hiring. Kollective, LeadMethod and Benefit Elect all have jobs posted on the StartupBend job board. What do they need? Thanks for asking. These companies are looking for:

QA Engineer — Client/Server

Technical Program Analyst
Account Development Rep

Benefit Elect
EDI Specialist

And more. In the meantime, enjoy the sun!

Apptoto Founder Relocates Tech Startup to Bend, Now Hiring Engineers and a Designer

Founder of Apptoto Frank Cort long thought that he’d move back to Bend. The 1995 Mountain View High School grad headed off to Oregon State for college and then finished his Masters in Computer Science at Stanford.

Frank dove into the Bay Area’s tech community, working as a software engineer for Xobni and then Yahoo, and founding his own startups on the side. The one that took off – Apptoto – he’s recently brought back to Bend. “Bend is all about lifestyle, which we wanted, but then there’s lots of people to talk to about startups, lots of people willing to help and offer advice,” Frank says. “It’s been really good.”

A fateful convo

Apptoto is an automated appointment reminder app. Frank developed the first iteration of his product after talking with the guy who cuts his hair about the money he lost every time someone missed an appointment. “He booked his appointments months out, but if he didn’t call people to remind them the day before, they’d often forget,” Frank says.

Jobs! New-to-Bend Startup Apptoto is Hiring and More

Today is a glass half full kind of day. The sun is out. (Yes, it’s still 30 freaking degrees, but we’ll take it and we’ll like it). Our growing startup community has been filled with events and news and things needing to be blogged. For instance:

So get out there and make something happen people.


Which brings us to our jobs roundup. Apptoto, a small SaaS startup that recently relocated from Silicon Valley to downtown Bend is hiring. So is G5,  and more. Here’s what we’ve got.


Software Engineer
UX/UI Designer
Sales Engineer


Senior Financial Analyst
VP of Product Management
Technical Product Manager
Associate Technical Business Analyst
Digital Advertising Specialist

Senior Software Engineer

So Many Jobs: Developers, Sales and More! Take Our Proprietary CAN MY LIFE BE MORE AWESOME Quiz, See if One is Right For You

We’ve had a minor avalanche of job postings here at StartupBend. First off, everyone is ALRIGHT. No one was crushed under the pile up of really great openings right here in Bend, Oregon. Now it’s like a beautiful powder day. The jobs board is basically two-feet of seriously quality openings and you and your friends need to shred through them. Still on the fence? Don’t take my word for it. Instead take this quiz to discover whether you should apply.


1. Does your commute to work look like this?


2. Does your current job involve a lot of this?


3. Are you under-appreciated?


4. Do you want to do the things you love more?


5. Do you like beer, good people, sunshine, snow, scrappy startups, great tech, outdoor and biotech companies? Also beer?

Miss These Jobs and You’ll Be SAD! Cairn, Manzama, GL Solutions, G5 and More Hiring …

Remember that one time that you heard about a job opening–only to discover the company had already filled it? There have been some great postings in the last two weeks that you would certainly be sad not to know about. Soooooo sad.

Don’t let this be you, all sad, not knowing about these jobs 

So let’s save the job FOMO for another day, and tackle these openings. Here’s what’s happening:

Check out these 10 StartupBend Jobs: G5, Hydaway and Agency Revolution Hiring

Did snOMG give you some time to reflect? Maybe you realized that this year is the year you’re going to make a job change, start a new career, or find a job in Bend. Fortunately, we have some openings for you to consider. G5 has pert near blown up our job board with several open positions, everything from software engineers to client success to product managers.

Hydaway, a growing Bend startup that makes an ingenious collapsible water bottle, is on the hunt for a marketing manager. And Agency Revolution, a Bend tech company that makes an insurance communication platform, is looking for a business development manager.

Here are the listings:



Agency Revolution

Is your startup looking to connect with some awesome potential hires? Then advertise your job at

Tech Soft 3D Begins to Build Out Bend Dev Team, Looking to Hire

Tech Soft 3D is one of those Bend tech companies that can fly under your radar — but don’t let it. The company employs nearly 100 people around the world, with offices in Bend, Japan, France, England, Berkeley, Ohio and soon Germany. CEO Ron Fritz is now aiming to grow a development team here.

“We think this is a great time to begin adding to our tech talent,” Ron says.

More on that in a moment. But first, Tech Soft 3D does really cool things. In addition to creating the 3D technology that underpins the PDF standard, the company also provides software development tools that help software teams create all sorts of 3D engineering applications for manufacturing, architecture, engineering and construction, metrology, geospatial, mining and more.

Happy Holidays! We Got You … a Job! Manzama, G5, All Hiring

Hello to our most favorite blog readers (that’s you). Could you imagine a better way to ring in a new year, than with a new j-o-b at a great tech company right here in Bend? If you happen to know someone who is job hunting then give them the GIFT of the startupbend jobs board, which is currently overflowing with some awesome opportunities.

They’ll be this excited …


So who is hiring? Well thank you so much asking. This is what we’ve got.


Senior Front End Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
Senior Search Engineer

Marketing Director


Client Engagement Specialist
Senior Product Manager
Content Strategy Manager
VP of Client Success
Chief People Officer

In related news, there’s also a potentially great opportunity to snag a startup that has already been started. James Gentes, co-founder at and also co-founder of StartupBend, is looking for someone to takeover his previous startup, StartupCommunity, a platform that connects entrepreneurs with mentors, investors, and other founders. It’s already used by economic development organizations, investment groups, and academic institutions.