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Want a Job? We Got Some.

Today could be — no promises — your best day ever. It’s our first Jobs Roundup as StartupBend. It’s a day of unbridled hope and optimism. A day when anything can happen. A day when you feel just like this boy from Neverending Story riding a flying dog. Let’s do this!

Weekly Jobs Round-Up: Manzama, Odysys, Five Talent and BendBroadband Want You

Not to nag, but have you ever thought about getting a job? Kidding. Unless you’re my brother. Kidding again! However, the fact remains that our jobs board floweth over with tech job goodness. And whether you have a job and want a new one, you’re looking to move here or maybe you even telecommute from here, but want something local … there are things happening. Which is why I’m presenting our first-ever jobs round-up. Here’s a look at who is hiring for tech/startup jobs in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Land of mountains and rivers of beer. Where everyone is happy and super tall (it’s true) …