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Remember When You Couldn’t Find a Tech Job Here? I Do (Also: Kollective and LeadMethod are Hiring)

Humor me and harken back to the early 2000s for a moment. We had just moved to town and my soon-to-be husband was hoping to find a tech job in Bend. He looked (unsuccessfully) for a couple of years while working remotely and we ultimately moved back to the Puget Sound. Bend had won our hearts, but the reality was we couldn’t stay — not if we wanted to progress in our careers.

Jobs Roundup: What Can a Guy on a Bike in a Giant Giraffe Costume Teach You About Job Hunting?

At the ThunderCross cyclocross race this past weekend, a man — a hero — rode the entire race in a gigantic giraffe costume. He could have made that giraffe head three-feet high and it would have still been awesome. But he made it 10-feet high. He aimed higher. Went bigger. Didn’t let the reality of racing with a humongous, cardboard giraffe costume keep him down.

Want a Job? We Got Some.

Today could be — no promises — your best day ever. It’s our first Jobs Roundup as StartupBend. It’s a day of unbridled hope and optimism. A day when anything can happen. A day when you feel just like this boy from Neverending Story riding a flying dog. Let’s do this!