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#julieselfie: Five Talent CEO on What Bend Needs to Grow Smart + Advice to His 25-Year-Old Self

Julie Harrelson, CEO of the Harrelson Group, Fund Manager of Cascade Angels, has a beloved penchant for taking selfies with entrepreneurs, investors and people of Oregon who support building a strong Oregon through entrepreneurialism. This blog continues a series of selfies + blogs about the amazing people she’s met in the last couple of years. #julieselfie

Electronics Manufacturing Company SisTech Keeps It Local

In your dreams, you’ve designed the NEXT BIG THING, raised more than you ever hoped on Kickstarter, and life is good. Then, those dreams turn quickly into a protracted maze of international commerce, foreign manufacturing pitfalls, taxes, port strikes, and the high cost of fulfillment. Portland entrepreneur Kevin Bates actually moved to China to make Aruboy a success. Central Oregon startups may find help closer to home.

#50startups: How Hydaway Won Kickstarter and What’s Next

Niki Singlaub travels a lot for work and wanted a water bottle that folded to fit into his pocket while going through airport security. Then he could pop it open and fill it up before boarding. But even after diving deep into the depths of Amazon (there’s things you can’t unsee people) Singlaub couldn’t find what he needed. So being a product designer by trade and an entrepreneur at heart, he made one.

#50startups: Smartwaiver Provides Digital Waivers for the Masses

Sometimes you just want to ride a mechanical bull. But before you can saddle up, you have to sign a release of liability waiver indemnifying the tavern of any responsibility lest you get bucked off and break something. Smartwaiver provides easy-to-use, digital release of liability waivers for just such scenarios. Co-founder and CEO Mark Silliman sat down with BendTECH to talk about his fifth startup, lessons learned and how big wall climbing relates to entrepreneurship.